Generating Technologies for the Future

Who we are ?

Promoted by well established serial entrepreneurs – Chandra Mohan and Taron Mohan, who between them have been pioneers in  building organizations focusing on technology and innovation, NextGen once again brings about creativity and technology innovation to customers bridging gaps in existing services.

Developing solutions around retailing and integrating mobile technology as a technology platform, NextGen is working actively on areas of :

  • Digitising and bridging the technology gap in mobile couponing / redemptions, combining it with innovations on customer reach / loyalty programs and customer engagement.
  • Delivering customized Physical retailing front end solutions including advanced and new generation credit / debit cards integrated to POS terminals and including customer loyalty programs and engagement services for enhanced revenues and services.

As a long term objective to the services, we would be integrating the above 2 platforms for a seamless experience at the payment tills – the discount coupons would directly be integrated at the payment point for a smooth customer experience.

Taron MohanChandra Mohan : Beginning in 1970 with Punjab Tractors Ltd., the company grew to be the most diversified agriculture equipment manufacturer including harvester combines, tractors, implements and harvest processing equipment. Diversifications outside agriculture included forklifts in collaboration with Komatsu, Japan and Light Commercial Vehicles with Mazda, Japan. Post retirement in 2000, his focus today includes Quality Training Institutes and Business Process Improvement programs for companies in the country.


Taron MohanTaron Mohan : always at the cutting edge of technology – be in manufacturing or Telecom applications, he has built organizations at the zenith in terms of innovation and innovation. At the helm of NextGen, he continues to drive with the same passion for delivery on technology and simplifying customer experience.