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Secure Banking

Disruptive, Innovative and for the masses !!!

Based on an overlay secure element with banking grade encryption, data storage and other capabilities, it builds a “ Secure Transport Bridge ” for data from any mobile handset and a backend Financial Inclusion Service Management platform. This solution is device

/ device OS and network independent and uses the base SIM network capability to communicate using encrypted SMS / USSD or even data bearers.


Bringing multiple capabilities to the handset :

  • Mobile Wallet
    • Online / Offline / Multiple
    • Auto Top-up etc..
  • Mobile Banking
    • Transactions / check balance etc..
  • Top-up:
    • Mobile / DTH / Internet / WiFi and more…
  • Bill and utility payments
  • Money transfer
  • Retailer payments
  • And more…..
This secure element has the complete application pre-loaded on the chip and is simply “affixed” to the customer base SIM and installed in the handset. The set-up is done automatically in the handset with the service management backend and gets it going in no time.
Simple and easy… destined for enabling masses on financial inclusion services.

Extensions to the solution include :

  • Retailer mPOS solutions
  • Contactless payment services
  • Transit payment services
  • Virtual card issuance – deliver debit / credit cards data directly into the secure element and use this for payment transactions
  • Card Tokenisation
  • Seamless online payments – mobile and online.
We help expand your Financial Inclusion services… to the masses and at highly competitive costs on capex and opex.