Generating Technologies for the Future


On the Mobile phone : this involves a simple text message, with a combination of 30 alpha numeric characters, giving us over a trillion plus unique combinations sent over as a SMS message. This code is then ready by a scanner – it’s not a bar code, but a secure SMS text code and the scanner works equally well for regular 1D bar codes. When read in by the scanner, it then communicates the code logic to the backend server, which then decodes the following :

  • Mobile number to which this code belongs
  • The dates/product for which this coupon is valid and more
  • The retail merchant ID valid for this discount coupon

The Scanner : A simple infrared scanner, it “reads” the text on the mobile handset, communicates with the backend server over WiFi, GPRS or Ethernet. Post verification at the backend server, the system then downloads additional data to the local scanner including :

  • SKU’s valid for this discount
  • Time of the day discount valid for
  • And more...

With POS integration : It can directly parse the information in the code into the POS terminal and bring in a seamless experience to the user on the final amount payable. POS terminals are generally programmed in c+ /c, and have an XML data exchange protocol. This protocol can be built into the scanner for a direct integration
....Simple, straight forward, fast and secure.

Analytics to the above : With a deep drill down analytics available at the backend system, capabilities here include information on :

  • Multiple services used by a unique MSISDN
  • Buying trends by a unique MSISDN
  • Responses to every campaign executed by a brand / campaign
  • Post campaign follow up with additional promos sent out…
  • And more...