Generating Technologies for the Future

The Concept

To bring in an end-to-end digitization in customer engagement and mobile coupon delivery / redemption and an online reporting system for every point of customer engagement :

  • Coupon request / delivery – date /time /device MSISDN / promotion owner / promo category and with full details.
  • Coupon redemption – date / time / retailer / value etc.
  • Retailer re-conciliation – date / time / promo owner / products redeemed etc.

As an extension to the above platform –is the loyalty program, bringing in a customer engagement module for communication on loyalty points / new offers / upselling etc. and again bringing back to additional coupons / vouchers delivery / redemption etc.. Working on simple SMS text technology, with a secure 30 digit alpha numeric code, its compatible with every mobile device globally. Being a simple SMS based platform, it’s also easy and simple to use, combining the following :

  • Cell Broadcast for localized message / promo dissipation.
  • Reading the coupon requests from the users.
  • Coupon delivery to the handset and Coupon redemption at the retailer POS terminals.