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Smart Card Solutions

Fuel, nowadays, represents an important sum in expenses of any firm and play a direct role on calculating the unit cost of any product. Whether you operate one car, several service vans or a fleet of trucks, PetroPass works closely with you to develop a customized fuel management program that fits your company, fleet or even as an individual & your budget.

With PetroPass you can get detailed reporting, cost effectiveness and reduced paperwork.

PetroPass, saves time, money and you will be able to manage your fuel program more effectively.

The unique feature of the platform – centralized management for :

  • Fully EMV certified cards – visa /master / Euro card certified Java cards – future proof and can be integrated into the regular banking system.
  • Configuring multiple Card Owners and Card Co-brands on the system, each with the capability to cross use the cards on each others retail points.
  • Individual card owner reporting and cross revenue / payout realizations.
  • Loyalty Points and redemption values can be uniquely defined for each Card Owner and a Co-brand.
  • Centralized platform management capabilities for multiple levels of users.
  • MIS / Help desk.
  • POS / Card stock /issue and return management.
  • Card supplies with remote locations for customer order acceptance.
  • Superuser and Card Owner admin / technical / accounting access.
  • Commission payouts to retailers and card sellers, with individual configurations for each product / card type and retailers.

Our Objective :

Is to create a network of fuel stations, geographically located across any country or multiple countries connected online wired / wireless via a secured network allowing PetroPass users manage their fuel and other payments and eliminate cash usage.

How does it work… it is very simple :

PetroPass system is very similar to any ATM bank cash dispensers, but the difference is, we pay for fuel and other services instead of the Bank-notes or a regular credit / debit card. Each vehicle or a user gets a smart ID card with a PIN. The card is pre charged with a fuel quantity or currency, allowing payments through this system for products and services mapped to this PetroPass.