Generating Technologies for the Future


  • Total computerization for fuel supplying without the intervention of the human factor.
  • Fuel supplying from accredited gas station approved on the system.
  • The chosen gas stations are the best in respect of fuel quality, integrity in dealing, and the peculiar location of the gas station.
  • Preventing the use of cash when getting a fuel supply.
  • Annual, weekly, and monthly reports about the fuel supplying movement.
  • Preventing manipulation with meters and taken quantities.
  • Regular and sealed bills of the taken fuel.
  • PetroPass pumps are equipped with special filters for fuel refinement.

Automation :

  • The PetroPass System is a highly reliable system through total computerization  of  automation in gas stations, pumps, communications, right through paper work, and finally with general billing system.
  • All transactions are secure and mapped to each secure card with a unique user PIN. Transactions can be mapped to a driver or a vehicle and further up the tree to a fleet or a corporate group.
  • Online reporting enables efficient cost management and effective budget controls.

The Best :

PetroPass’s policy in choosing the accredited gas station always pays attention to fuel quality, all of the accredited gas stations in the present time are trusted by everyone in respect of fuel quality that is neither mixed nor expansive, this policy is continuous in these gas stations that are being negotiated with for the next expansion stage.

Cash :

One of the most important benefits of PetroPass is quit using cash between the driver and the gas station, this has many attributes for the companies that use the service.

Reports :

Participating in PetroPass Service enables you from getting accurate detailed reports of the exchange of each car, each one aside .these reports can be weekly, monthly, regular, or annual.

Studying these reports helps in following up each car, the repeated automation, the used gas stations, the excess in fuel exchange per car, making the decision of preventing the use of a particular car or replacing it etc.

Manipulation :

Many companies whether public or private  experience corruption within the systems. This tries to overcome this greatly as there is no cash involved. Everything is handled within the card.

PetroPass, with it’s standardized accounting and billing systems at the pumps, provides accurate automated receipts, preventing cash in the hands of employers, and detailed reporting for all.

With all of these factors PetroPass can stop manipulation which decreases squander and increases profit for companies.

Regular Bills :

With online and certified billing systems in the backend, PetroPass provides authentic reporting and expense statements for the tax and revenue authorities.

We can build in additional reports meeting the needs of the authorities reducing your burden of proof of expenses

Additional reports can be provided on demand and as a customized development.

Pumps :

As PetroPass pumps are certified for accurate and reliable billing systems, these provide better reliability to users for use. Reducing cash at the pumps also then enhances security and employee morale in remote areas as it’s a safer working environment.


Separate Pumps :

Considering the huge pressure on fuel pumps, the company is negotiating now with gas stations to specify special accessible isles for PetroPass pumps which saves PetroPass participants from standing for long periods in line at the gas station, which spare the squander, and gives the service user the privilege of VIP.