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Why :

A Fully Automated Solution - computerized and designed to eliminate the human interference hence to deduct and minimize human errors.

Geographically Correct :

Stations offering PetroPass service are geographically chosen in order to make it easy and accessible to make a fill.

Selected Fuel Stations :

Stations offering PetroPass service are carefully selected & chosen according to:
The good repudiation among customers, quality fuel offered and bring in better customer service.

Cashless Solution :

PetroPass system is designed to eliminate the cash usage in all fuel transactions.

Detailed Reports :

PetroPass provides detailed reports which are vital to any firm to know precisely the exact moves of its fuel accounts. These reports are available online for all users :

  • Individuals.
  • Corporates.
  • Fleet owners.

The Help Desk :

  • Centralized or de-centralised options for all the card owners mapped to the platform.
  • Complete and secure user verification system integrated.
  • Can Block /Un-block cards.
  • Re-issue temporary user PIN’s against a request for unblocking a card – user needs to re-activate card at POS terminal or topping up vending machine.