Generating Technologies for the Future

The Roadmap

Working ahead – The RoadMap :

PetroPass is working now on the creation of special isles for its pumps in all stations offering the service.
Automatic vehicle identification : using RFID cards installed in the vehicles, we can connect them to the POS terminals – these need to the RFID card reading compatible. As soon as a vehicle enters the petrol station, its identified for the Vehicle / driverID, depending on the configuration and details the following directly into the POS terminal :

  • Vehicle ID + Card ID.
  • Available balance in the card, translated into the max fuel quantity available.
  • A go-ahead to the attendant to allow vehicle fuel top-up for the max. available fuel quantity.
  • This feature to minimize the time wasted queuing in front of stations and gives our clients a VIP service.
  • We are adding more products for payments through the PetroCard – shops at the petrol stations as well as additional services :
  • Lubricants.
  • Grocery stores.