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How to use PetroPass card for the first time :

It’s a smart chip integrated card, which stores all your contact information and the card details for the Owner / Co-brand / security and authentication systems at the retail points and more.


It comes to you from the card dealer or the vending machine with your name and expiry embossed or laser engraved. The pre-stored amount may be present, depends on your request at the time of the card ordering.


Visit a PetroCard retail point and activate your card by changing the default PIN to one of your choice. Then top up the card at either the vending machine or a retail point and its ready for use.


Alternately, the PIN change and the top up can be done at the vending machine itself at the time of card purchase.

Loyalty Points :


Configurable for both – earnings and redemptions for each Card Owner and Co-brand individually against the products / services configured on the platform.


Payments at the retail points can be via the currency available in the card or then against loyalty points accumulated against the user account can transfer points to another card owner securely – online or via a POS terminal or via the vending machine.

Integrated loyalty point management system available – updates / new offerings over e-mail / SM.


Retailer and card seller commission payouts.

Card Topping up Options :


Via the POS terminal : the retail points can be configured for either retailing products or topping up the cards. Needs to be checked at the retail point.


The Vending machine : multiple automatic cash acceptance and topping up machines can be set-up all major locations. Users insert their card into the machine, authenticate via the PIN and then insert cash into the machine. The amount can then be topped up in the machine.


Via the card retail Vendor : the card selling points / Vendors can be configured for accepting cash and topping up the cards with the desired amount.


Online : the system can connect to a payment gateway for transferring currency online – Visa /Mastercard / Amex or direct back accounts via the debit cards.